Awareness Level of Green Computing among Computer Users in Kebbi State, Nigeria

This study investigated the awareness level of green computing possessed by computer users in Kebbi state. Survey method was employed to carry out the study. The study involved computer users from ICT business/training centers around Argungu and Birnin Kebbi areas of Kebbi state. Purposive sampling method was used to draw 156 respondents that volunteer to answer the questionnaire administered for gathering the data of the study. Out of the 156 questionnaires distributed, 121 were used for data analysis. In all, 79 respondents were from Argungu, while 42 were from Birnin Kebbi. The two research questions of the study were answered with descriptive statistic (percentage), and inferential statistics (ANOVA). The findings showed that the most of the computer users do not possess adequate awareness on conscious use of computing system. Also, the study showed that there is no significant difference regarding the consciousness of green computing possesses among computer users in Argungu and Birnin Kebbi. Based on these findings, the study suggested among others an aggressive campaign on green computing practice among computer users in Kebbi state.

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