Modeling of Gas Turbine Cooled Blades

In contrast to existing methods which do not take into account
multiconnectivity in a broad sense of this term, we develop
mathematical models and highly effective combination (BIEM
and FDM) numerical methods of calculation of stationary and
quasi-stationary temperature field of a profile part of a blade
with convective cooling (from the point of view of realization
on PC). The theoretical substantiation of these methods is
proved by appropriate theorems. For it, converging quadrature
processes have been developed and the estimations of errors in
the terms of A.Ziqmound continuity modules have been
received. For visualization of profiles are used: the method of the least
squares with automatic conjecture, device spline, smooth
replenishment and neural nets. Boundary conditions of heat
exchange are determined from the solution of the
corresponding integral equations and empirical relationships.
The reliability of designed methods is proved by calculation
and experimental investigations heat and hydraulic
characteristics of the gas turbine first stage nozzle blade.

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